A new health and beauty product claims that it can put the "zing" back into people's skin.

Available from Boots stores, the Malki Dead Sea Natural Mineral Facial Wash uses minerals
harvested from the Dead Sea, as well as a range of herbs, in an "ancient family recipe".

The firm points out that the positive beauty and health powers of the Dead Sea have been
known for hundreds of years, with sufferers of ailments such as eczema or greasy skin
bathing in its waters.

It claims that the sea's healing effects are down to high concentrations of naturally-occurring
minerals such as sulphur - which it says can spring-clean skin - as well as magnesium to
energize skin and chloride to provide a moisture surge.

In addition, the health and beauty product lists herbs including sage, chamomile and nettle,
as well as frankincense, among its chemical-free ingredients.

Malki says that it has a range of loyal customers who keep the product by their wash
basins as people who have struggled with difficult skin know to stick to a product when
they find one that works.

Another beauty and health product sold at Boots, the No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty
Serum, has been hailed as a "miracle" cream after its endorsement on science show
Horizon, with around 50,000 women said to have put their names on a waiting list for
the product after the show was screened.